The Saber - 3DP Prototype

This version of the Saber was 3D printed with binder jet technology and incorporates our new photochemically milled steel face inserts.  Like our other 3DP prototypes, this putter is internally packed with aluminum and tungsten to maximize MOI.  Amazingly, we've been able to increase the MOI of this blade over 4000, a 29% increase over its milled all-steel siblings!  4000 MOI is heel-toe weighted blade territory.  

The surface texture of the 3D printed steel/bronze body is uniquely rough with visible 3D printing layer lines, which are in sharp contrast to the mirror-polished and sharp-grooved photochemically milled steel face insert.  The layer lines are particularly stark on the back flange of this putter and around the neck.  It's almost like a fine wood grain.  

The feel of this putter is amazingly soft for an all-metal putter, with its multi-material construction and use of soft aluminum behind the steel striking face.

Heel shafted blades like this have always had a reputation as being unforgiving.  Not any more....

   MOI: 4080 g-cm^2
   Headweight: 342 grams
   Loft: 4°
   Lie Angle: 71°
   Offset: 1 shaft
   Toe-Hang: 5:30
   Materials: 420 stainless steel/bronze, tungsten, aluminum
   Finish: Nickel Plated
     Steel/Bronze body: 3D printed with Binder Jet technology
     Steel face insert: photochemically milled
     Aluminum and tungsten: CNC machine cut

Multi-Material Construction

3D printing allows us to push the limits of what's possible in putter design.  Our multi-material construction approach maximizes the benefits of this new technology to create the most forgiving putters while maintaining traditional sizes and shapes.

While none of it is visible from the outside of this putter, the inside is packed with both aluminum and tungsten.  Why do we use aluminum?  Because it's strong and light.  By employing aluminum in the center of the putter we can strip weight away from where we don't want it and redistribute it to where we do.  And with softer aluminum behind the photochemically milled steel face insert, our putters have an amazingly soft feel at impact.

This putter incorporates a massive 114g of tungsten.  Why tungsten?   Because it's the densest, heaviest commonly available metal.  And by placing it strategically in the toe and heel we boost the MOI and forgiveness of our putters well beyond what is possible in a pure steel putter.

True Prototype

The prototypes offered for sale on our website are a part of our product development process.  Each incorporates design elements or production techniques that are different from previous iterations.  Many are one-of-a-kind.  As we near finalization of our production models for our line of 3D printed putters, there will be fewer and fewer prototypes released.

This putter differs from the other Saber prototypes in a few ways.  It's made with binder jetting technology, which produces a layered surface appearance, almost like a fine wood grain.  It also features a photochemically milled steel face insert.  This insert is perfectly flat with sharply milled grooves.  It also covers the aluminum and tungsten weights we strategically employ to radically boost the MOI of our 3DP putters.  Moreover, with the softer aluminum placed directly in the center of the putter behind the face insert, this putter has a noticeably softer sound and feel at impact than our DMLS Saber prototypes or our milled Sabers.  

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