3DP Design Prototype 1 - Bright Nickel - Flowneck

This prototype was made with a different metal 3D printing technology.  It’s called Binder Jetting.  Instead of using a laser to melt powdered steel like the DMLS process in the video on our homepage, this technology prints powdered steel mixed with a binding agent.  Once the part is printed, it is sintered in a furnace and infused with bronze. The binding agent is burned off in the sintering furnace and gets replaced by the bronze and what remains is a solid metal part comprised of approximately 60% steel (in this case 420 stainless steel) and 40% bronze.  

This putter features a corrosion-resistant bright nickel plated finish and a perfectly flat aluminum face insert.

This putter has great feel and amazing forgiveness. It weights in at 360g and has an MOI of 5700 g-cm^2 thanks to 150g of tungsten weighting in the toe and heel, so it really likes to hold square through the stroke.  Great putter.

Loft: 3 degrees.  Lie angle: 71 degrees.

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3DP Design represents a new era in putter design and manufacturing.   Using new technology we have radically redistributed weight to massively increase MOI and forgiveness.

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