3DP Bullseye

MOI: 3300
Face material: Copper
Headweight: 340g
Loft: 3°; Lie: 71°
Offset: None
Toe-Hang: 5:30
Materials: 420 stainless steel/bronze, tungsten, aluminum
Surface texture: As printed (rough)
Finish: Nickel plated
     Steel/Bronze body: 3D printed with Binder Jet technology
     Copper face: photochemically milled

Fully assembled and ready to grip and ship. 

Classic Design, Modern Technology

The Bullseye shape is a classic.  It is iconic with its skinny blade and zero offset, but it is iconoclastic when it comes to modern putter design approaches that aim to increase forgiveness and playability.  Regardless, for many of those who grew up playing this style of blade nothing else will ever quite look or feel as comfortable.

The original Bullseye was about as low-MOI as a putter can get -- around 2200 g-cm^2.  If you missed the sweet spot the ball came off dead.  With our 3DP Design approach and multi-material construction techniques, we've been able to increase the MOI of this putter to 3300 - a 50% improvement over the original.  

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