“Limited“Round“Limited“Round“LimitedRound 4 Slider heel shaft putter“Limited“Limited

Available Models:

Heel Shafted:

Limited Edition  |  303 Stainless Steel  |  1018 Carbon Steel


Center Shafted:

Limited Edition  |  303 Stainless Steel  |  1018 Carbon Steel


Design Notes

The Slider is about several things.

First, proportions.  So many mallets in the market today are either way too big or just a little bit too small.  The trend toward super game-improvement maximum MOI mallets has produced ever larger (and funky) designs.  At some point it no longer matters how forgiving a putter is on an off-center hit; if it looks like a spaceship and is as big as a shoe, it's a distraction.  On the flip side, some of the best designed mallets on the market right now tend to be a bit small, like they are almost hybrids between blades and mallets.  The Slider was designed to fit into the sweet spot in between.  It’s a full, round mallet and plays like a mallet should.  At the same time, it is not overwhelmingly or distractingly large.

Second, curves.  The only straight lines on the Slider are its leading edge and rear topline.  The back cavity of the putter is formed by smooth curves.  They blend into the back flange of the putter and create a properly shaped and sized curve that frames a golf ball perfectly, yielding easy ball positioning and alignment.  The rear flange has a very subtle asymmetry, giving the putter a sense of motion and flow.

Third, weight.  At 365 grams, the Slider is the heaviest putter in the Round 4 lineup.  The weight matches the shape and expectations people typically have of a mallet.  Its extra weight makes the Slider feel like it wants to swing through a putt – like it wants to release automatically. 

One particularly unique feature of the Slider is the 3D surface milling added in the machining process that runs parallel to the target line across the back flange, leaving a beautiful texture that adds to the visual lines of the putter at address. This is not the easiest or cheapest way to mill a block of steel -- it's an added touch that helps to make this the finest mallet on the market.

The Slider comes in both a center-shaft and heel-shaft version.  Aside from shaft placement, the putter heads are identical.  The center-shaft version has no offset while the heel shaft employs a double-bend shaft with a variable offset.   We typically shaft it with about a ½ shaft of offset and a toe hang around 4 o’clock, but it can be customized to increase or decrease offset and toe hang.

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