Customer Testimonials

Recent comments from Round 4 customers:

"This is the best feeling/weighted/balanced putter I have ever used." (Custom 3DP Double Bullseye) -Alan L.

"I got home Thursday night and immediately went to the office to get my putter. I’ve been putting with it inside since but I’m hoping to play tomorrow. It looks and feels great. I can’t wait to get it in play!! Thanks again for working with me on my first Round 4 putter!!  I’ve got close to 100 putters and my 3DP Design Slider is in my bag!!"  (Follow up:) "I had 4 birdies today with my new Slider. A friend of mine named ______ will be calling you. He loves my Slider and wants one for himself."  -Jim L.

"This afternoon , I received my New Round 4 Putter . I am very pleased with everything !!!   Now, let's see if I can make some Putts.  Thanks for your efforts on my behalf."  -Ralph C.

"l can only hope it plays as good as it looks....  As mentioned before, many thanks to all involved - I really appreciate all the hard work and effort to produce this putter.  I’ve already reached out and started spreading the word about Round 4 putters. You’ve got a first class company there no doubt!"  -Steve W.

"Holy cow.  That is the coolest thing....  I don't have to compensate at all.  Just grab and go.   When I just use a simple rocking action with this putter it moves at the target like a heat seeker.... all I have to do is lineup the putt and feel the distance.  I love that."

"Thank you very very much.  This kind of customer service and relationships is very nice to see these days....  You told me you would take care of me, and this sure as hell did that 150%."  -Ed C.

"Made first 4 putts on my indoor green.  WOW.  Can not wait to try it on real green." - John M.

"I received my Round4 Putter this past week and absolutely love it!

"My confidence in the 3-6 footers has greatly improved and the stability of the putter head has given me the trust to hit “Through” the break on those tricky shorter putts.

"You guys are certainly onto something big here." - Geoffrey S.

"I received my putter, and I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with both the putter itself and the exceptional service you provided. Throughout the buying process, your communication with me was impeccable and the shipping was beyond prompt.

"I have my fair share of putters - whether they are big brands or relatively smaller companies, I enjoy just about all of my putters. It took me quite a while to come across your company, but I eventually stumbled across it on Facebook, and I'm very glad I did. Many brands and companies don't deliver in at least one aspect of the business. I would like for you to know that from top to bottom, beginning to end, you provided an ideal purchasing experience; and I value that as much as I value the extremely high quality of the product. Obviously, I'm a big fan of my Round 4 putter, and I consider it to be of extremely high quality. It stands among the best of my hundreds of putters."  David M.

"Your Saber putter is outstanding. I switched in early July just to try something new, and I've been putting extremely well since. Keep up the great work. I actually think it has better feel than the Roadster.  I hope your company is doing well. The product is outstanding."

"The Round 4 Putter folks are top notch. First, the putters themselves are great. But even more, the people in the shop provided outstanding service on my fitting, even remotely. Plus they answered all my questions thoughtfully and quickly. The entire experience was really fun as well as beneficial to my game."   Dana H.

"It felt like I couldn’t miss.  I am very happy with my results on the putting green. Thank you very much!"   Ed M.

"Dude - this putter is bad ass. Thanks for making this I love it and will be happy to let everyone know where i got it. Really nice work."  Tom H. 

"I am definitely putting better. I can definitely tell the difference in the quality of putters I have had in the past to this putter. Thanks for helping me with the purchase!!!"  Tim H.

"It feels plain awesome. The adjustments you made make it feel totally comfortable. The ball rolls very consistently, and with the decrease in loft, I don't pull putts left anymore also."  Jake S.

"This thing is so f-ing rad. I am perfect with it on my living room carpet. Thanks so much - will let you know how many strokes I drop! LOVE the grip."  Andy R.

"Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know I received the putter! Thank you so much, it looks fantastic.  I found myself having more control over distance and was leaving every long putt within 2 feet."  Sean O.

"I appreciate all of the insight you provided and enjoyed conversing with you.  I feel the putter head more. My grip pressure is lighter. Everything feels more relaxed.  I believe you've got a winner here. A Very Satisfied Custom(er)."  Scott H.

"Took the putter out and was very pleased with how it felt and rolled.  I made a ton of great putts with it!"  Patrick K.


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