About Us

Our mission: to create the world's best putters through

Innovation, Design, and Craftsmanship.

We seek out new technologies, incorporate new materials, and develop new design concepts to create putters with superior physical properties.  

Our name is an homage to the competitive spirit of our game.  Round 4 is when someone sinks a putt to win. Our putters are designed for players who want to make that putt. Because after all, it's not about who designed your putter, it's about what you can do with your putter.


Our History

From day 1, Round 4 has been a passion project. The original idea behind the brand came to our founder Al when he was working long hours on Wall Street and practicing his putting stroke on the carpet of his office and searching for both the ideal putting stroke and the ideal putter.  The driving force behind all of the existing high-end putter companies seemed to be the development of a mastercraftsman cult of personality.  But putters are tools with a clear purpose.  Who cares who's name is on your putter if you can't sink a putt with it?  

Our focus has been and will always be on producing the highest quality putters in the world.  They're not the best because of who made them.  They're the best because of how they're designed and the craftsmanship with which they're produced.

Our first line of putters were manufactured with CNC milling.  We spent countless hours creating and refining our designs and sought out the most talented machinists we could find to produce them.  The quality of the machining of these putters meets or exceeds that of any milled putter on the market today, and their performance is at the top of the market.

Our new 3DP Design line of putters are manufactured with 3D printing technology and represent a major step forward in putter technology.  3D printing allows us to create shapes and internal geometry that are impossible to produce with other manufacturing techniques, allowing us to radically redistribute mass within the putter head and massively increase MOI and forgiveness.  These putters are truly the state of the art.



CEO Biography

Round 4 was founded by Al Vikmanis, a passionate golfer and businessman.  His low round (carded twice) is a 68.  Earlier in his career Al was a strategy consultant and an investment banker, and most recently was on the executive team at Arccos Golf, where he helped develop and launch their original product.

Al holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a B.S. in Economics from the George Washington University.

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