3DP Design

3D Printed Super-MOI putters


The first major advance in putter manufacturing in more than a generation has arrived!

New technology brings better physics and more forgiveness

  • 3D printing in metals is now possible
  • Superfine steel powder is printed layer by layer building up a 3-dimensional part sintered together to create solid objects
  • The powdered steel 3D print is then sintered in a furnace creating a a solid metal part
  • Shapes and internal geometries that are impossible to make with CNC milling are now possible
  • Massive amounts of tungsten weights added to the toe and heel (as much as 150 grams!)
  • Radically increased MOI and forgiveness by removing weight from areas we don't want it and adding it to areas where we do 
  • MOI gains of 20-50% over similarly shaped milled or cast putters!



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