The Slider

   Headweight: 365 grams
   Loft: 4°
   Offset: Heel Shaft: 3/4 shaft, Center Shaft: none
   Toe-Hang: Heel Shaft: 4:00, Center Shaft: 3:00 (face balanced)
   Material: 1018 cold rolled carbon steel or 303 stainless steel
   Finishes Available:
Limited: Black Oxide on 1018 carbon steel
    -303: Media-blasted satin (maintenance free)
    -Chrome Black PVD on 1018 carbon steel (maintenance free)
    -Black Frost PVD on 1018 carbon steel (maintenance free)
   Manufacturing: 100% CNC milled, designed and manufactured in the USA

The perfectly proportioned mid-mallet

Available in heel-shafted and center-shafted versions.  The Round 4 Slider is elegantly sculpted with curves and a subtle asymmetry that perfectly frames a ball at address.  Its 365g weight matches its visual proportions and gives it a smooth and solid feel.

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