The Roadster

   Headweight: 355 grams
   Loft: 4°
   Offset: 1 shaft
   Toe-Hang: 4:30
   Material: 1018 cold rolled carbon steel or 303 stainless steel
   Finishes Available:
Limited: Black Oxide on 1018 carbon steel
    -303: Media-blasted satin (maintenance free)
    -Chrome Black PVD on 1018 carbon steel (maintenance free)
    -Black Frost PVD on 1018 carbon steel (maintenance free)
   Manufacturing: 100% CNC milled in the USA

An Original Design of a heel-shafted blade

The Round 4 Roadster is our take on the traditional heel-shafted blade.  Not a copy or a clone - the Roadster features curved rear bumpers inspired by classic designs from the automotive industry.  At address its look is traditional and clean.  From all other perspectives it is decidedly original.

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