The Closer - 3DP Design - Naked

MOI: 6000 g-cm^2
Face material: Steel
Headweight: 360 grams
Loft: 3°; Lie Angle: 71°
Offset: 3/4 shaft
Toe-Hang: 4:00
Materials: 420 stainless steel/bronze, tungsten, aluminum
Surface Texture: Hand polished & satin media blasted
Finish: Nickel plated
   Steel/Bronze body: 3D printed with Binder Jet technology
   Steel face and cavity inserts: photochemically milled

This 3D-printed Closer is fully assembled and ready to grip and ship.  It is "naked" with no paint fill but can be given a custom paint job with any colors of your choice on request. 

a new era in putter design

3D printing is the first major advancement in putter manufacturing in more than a generation.  It allows us to create designs and geometries (both internal and external) that are impossible to manufacture with traditional methods.  This lets us strategically fill the body of the putter with lightweight aluminum and super heavy tungsten to increase the MOI of the putter and improve its forgiveness and playability.

Full customization available

This putter is assembled and ready-to-play but if you're looking for custom options the sky is the limit with 3D printing.  We can print any loft, lie angle, neck shape, engraving, etc.  You name it, we can do it.  

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