Custom 3DP Putter

Create a custom 3D printed putter to your personal specs!  With 3D printing personal customization is now easier than ever before.  We can build virtually anything and hit almost any spec.  If there's a customization you want that you can't build on this page just contact us and we'll make it happen.

A Round 4 service tech will be assigned to your order and will be your personal concierge through the design process to ensure that every detail of your putter perfectly matches your vision.  After your order is placed and details confirmed with your service tech, a CAD model of your putter with your personalizations will be created and a computer-generated rendering of your putter will be shared with you for a final sign-off before printing.

Delivery takes approximately 5 weeks.

For descriptions of all custom options, scroll down.

Custom Option Descriptions

Shaft - Steel or BGT

Our stock shaft is a tradtional stepless steel shaft.  We also offer the Breakthrough Golf Technologies Stability shaft as a $199 upgrade.  For more on the BGT Stability shaft, click here.

Surface Finish

As printed, our 3DP Design putters have a rough, matte (non-glare) finish, with visible layer lines from the 3D printing process that yield a unique surface texture.  Our Full Hand Polish option ($200 upcharge) presents a smooth and shiny surface.  Layer lines and rough surfaces that are accessible are removed and smoothed.  Areas around corners and in tight spots are less polished, leaving a unique and clearly hand-worked appearance.  Upward facing surfaces can be left shiny or given a satin media-blasted finish to reduce glare.

Face Groove Pattern

Our 3DP Design putters feature perfectly flat, polished stainless steel faces with incredibly sharp and accurate photochemically milled grooves.  We have 2 stock patterns, shown below, but if you have a vision for a custom face groove pattern of your own design we can make it happen.

Face Insert Material

We offer a choice between polished stainless steel (pictured above) and copper face inserts (pictured below).  Copper face inserts will patina and darken over time naturally, but we also offer a forced chemical patina with blue and turquoise tones.


Nickel plating is our stock finish, which yields a traditional metallic grey color and adds an element of corrosion resistance.  The appearance of a nickel plated putter is largely determined by the level of surface polish prior to plating. "As Printed" (rough textured) finishes yield a glare-free satin look.  Nickel plating on top of a Full Hand Polished putter is lustrous and more traditional looking.  A putter left Raw with no plating will corrode and develop rust spots and a patina very quickly.  Raw putters start with a dull grey-bronze color and patina to a darker brown color over time.

Neck Style

With the exception of our Saber and Bullseye models, all of our headshapes can be configured with any neck style and to any specific amount of toe-hang.


Our multi-material design approach allows us to fine-tune the weight of our 3DP Design putters with a high level of accuracy while maintaining a precisely located center of mass.  A standard, "normal" putter weight is typically on the order of 350g.  However, there are numerous reasons why a player would want a heavier or lighter putter, and all of our 3DP designs can be configured to hit a broad range of target weights.

Loft & Lie Angle

Customized lofts and lie angles facilitate more accurate aiming and a better roll.  3DP Design Custom heads are printed to your specific loft and lie angles, not manufactured to a single standard and then bent to spec after the fact like other putters.  Our print-to-spec approach allows a fitted putter to sit flat on its sole at address, unlike bent putters which often sit open or closed.


From initials and names to graphics and logos, we can engrave virtually anything on a 3DP Custom putter.  And unlike stampings or manually cut engravings, ours are 3D printed into the body itself, so we have no per-letter or per-word fees.  Add as much or as little engraving as you like!  Your Service Tech will help coordinate your engraving scheme and share a visual rendering of exactly how your putter will look and get your final approval prior to printing.

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