The Slider - 3DP Design

The 3D-Printed version of our best selling Slider model features a higher MOI thanks to our multi-material construction approach placing lightweight aluminum in the center of the putter and super-heavy tungsten in the toe and heel.  This, combined with our photochemically milled polished steel face inserts give this putter an exquisite feel.  Slightly softer than a typical milled mallet but still very solid and quite a bit more firm than putters with plastic inserts.

Available in a choice of 2 face groove patterns and 2 neck styles (heel shaft and center shaft), in both right and left hand.  

   MOI: 4000 g-cm^2
   Headweight: 353 grams
   Loft: 3°
   Lie Angle: 71°
   Materials: 420 stainless steel/bronze, tungsten, aluminum
   Finish: Nickel Plated
     Steel/Bronze body: 3D printed with Binder Jet technology
     Steel face and cavity inserts: photochemically milled

Photochemically milled steel face

Our 3DP Design putters feature perfectly flat, polished stainless steel faces with incredibly sharp and accurate photochemically milled grooves in a choice of 2 patterns.

2 Neck Styles

The Slider - 3DP is available in both a heel-shafted and center-shafted version.  The center-shaft is face balanced with zero offset.  The heel-shaft features a triple bend shaft with a full shaft of offset and a slight toe hang.  Both can be upgraded to a BGT Stability Shaft

Multi-Material Construction

3D printing allows us to push the limits of what's possible in putter design.  Our multi-material construction approach maximizes the benefits of this new technology to create the most forgiving putters while maintaining traditional sizes and shapes.

While none of it is visible from the outside of this putter, the inside is packed with both aluminum and tungsten.  Why aluminum?  Because it's strong and light.  By employing aluminum in the center of the putter we can strip weight away from where we don't want it and redistribute it to where we do.  And with softer aluminum behind the photochemically milled steel face insert, our putters have an amazingly soft feel at impact.

This putter incorporates a massive 91g of tungsten.  Why tungsten?   Because it's the densest, heaviest commonly available metal.  And by placing it strategically in the toe and heel we boost the MOI and forgiveness of our putters well beyond what is possible in a pure steel putter.

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