Hand Polish option now available on custom putters!

October 13, 2018

Round 4 Putters is pleased to announce a new "Full Hand Polish” surface finish option on custom 3D Printed putters.  

The 3D printing process we use to make putters lays down layer upon layer of steel to build up a three dimensional part.  This leaves visible layer lines in the surface of the part and a very rough and matte surface texture.  

We at Round 4 think it’s a unique and cool look and love that our putters don’t look the same as everyone else’s.  However, we understand that some people prefer a smoother, more polished look.  

This finish is produced with manual labor and yields a unique look that is unlike machine-made putters.  Layer lines are removed from accessible surfaces and where possible a smooth, shiny finish is achieved.  Areas around corners and in tight spaces are substantially less smoothed, giving a very clearly hand-worked appearance.  Upward facing surfaces can be given a satin media-blasted finish post-polishing to eliminate glare if desired.  

Our Hand Polished option is priced at $200 and is only available on full custom putters.  

To design and build your custom 3D printed putter, click here.

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