R4 Concept Series: Check out our unique

R4 Concept Series: Check out our unique "Scaffold" concept putter

October 06, 2018

The auto industry is famous for producing concept cars.  It's the industry's way of making bold statements about the future of its products, showcasing new technologies and approaches to design. 

Concept cars very rarely make it into production in their original incarnations but many of their innovative elements are often incorporated into forthcoming models and help drive the industry forward.

It is in that spirit that we at Round 4 have produced this concept putter.

It is 3D printed in steel.  The back flange of the putter -- normally a flat chunk of metal -- has been replaced with a structural scaffold that is strong and rigid yet weighs just a fraction of a traditional flange.  (And yes, it can do a backhand scoop pickup of a gimme putt.)  

This design is partly an exercise in maximizing MOI.  Stripping mass out of the center of the putter and redistributing it to the toe and heel increases MOI and stability.  And this putter's MOI is an off-the-charts 6600 g-cm^2 at a headweight of 350g and a width of 4.5".

This design is also partly an exercise in showing what 3D printing is capable of. Common putter manufacturing technologies from yesteryear like CNC milling are not capable of producing a design like this. 

People often ask, "why 3D print a putter?" 

Because we can make shapes and structures like this, on both the outside and the inside of a putter.  And that allows us to make a putter with better physics, higher MOI, and more forgiveness.  Plus, it looks pretty cool.

Do you have a unique idea for a concept putter that strengthens the design and functionality of a putter? Let us know by leaving us a comment on Instagram or Facebook.

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