3DP Slider Reviewed on PluggedInGolf.com

October 04, 2018

Plugged In Golf, an independent media outlet providing golfers with better information through honest reviews, world-class instruction, and data-driven myth busting, recently published an in-depth review of our 3DP Slider model.

We're happy to report that the review, authored by Matt Meeker, was incredibly positive.

"From the beginning, Round 4 has had one mission: 'To create the world’s best putters through Innovation, Design, and Craftsmanship.' The new Slider-3DP demonstrates all three facets well ... If you’re looking for a putter that will grab your playing partners’ attention – in both appearance and performance – the Round 4 Slider-3DP is worth a long look."

Meeker examined the 3DP Slider's feel, flow, and appearance and took a hard look at the physics behind the design: 

"...impressive MOI that translated to an improvement in performance over the milled version in my testing.  Off-centered strikes held their line and produced nearly the same ball roll out as center struck putts."
...The layer lines in the back flange amplified the visual alignment aid of the long white line. Not only was I more confident in setting up square to my target line, I was making much more centered contact on putts.  Off the face the ball started rolling quickly.
3D printing allows Round 4 to achieve precision that casting and milling can’t produce, resulting in a very forgiving putter in an appealing shape."

Read the full review here.

Learn more about our 3DP Slider model here.

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